• AP Chemistry/Physics Teacher in High School

  • sendelta education

  • 15K/MTH - 30K/MTH Shenzhen
  • Bachelor Experience: Associate Full-time
  • September 26, 2016

Job Description

To teach Physics , chemistry in a top public high school;
To provide the best possible teaching and learning processes and environment for the students;
To facilitate the attainment of each students full potential and develop non-academic as well as academic skills via the teaching of the subject;
To track and analyze student progress and prepare lessons to meet student needs;
To keep detailed records of tutoring sessions using Student Progress Records and/or relevant forms.
To attend Team Meetings and work closely with Center Program Director to meet students’ academic goals;

Desired Skill and Experience

Bachelor’s Degree or higher is required;
AP-level knowledge in at least one or more subjects .High SAT or ACT scores preferred;
Highly skilled, motivated, versatile, dependable, and dynamic individuals with strong communication skills;
Friendly, patient, and sensitive to the needs of a diverse group of students;
Candidate must possess a love for teaching, but previous teaching experience is not a prerequisite.Applicants with teaching experiences have priority.


the salary is above 15k, and the exact salary can be negotiated

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Company Description

Sendelta Education is a leading educational services company particularly focusing on the delivery of American high school curricula to Chinese students.  Sendelta Education was originally founded in 2005 as an education consulting company which focused primarily on providing information, support and services to Chinese students studying in the US. In 2010, Sendelta began to develop AP program in mainland China. In affiliation with highly regarded public high schools, we currently manage 6 AP Centers in Guangdong province, China. Sendelta adopted the strategy of cooperating closely with individual top public high schools. We have achieved great success. A lot of our students got the admissions from Stanford University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, Duke University, Northwestern University, Haverford College,Vanderbilt University, UC Berkley, UCLA, etc. Sendelta has become one of the best providers of AP program in China. At present, Sendelta has over 150 Chinese employees and over 50 expatriate employees. We have over 500 students currently studying in our international curricula centers and envisage this number increasing to 1000 in the next two years. Expansion within our existing locations, as well as the opening of new centers, continues to create a wide range of opportunities at all levels each academic year. Welcome to join us.