• Sales for Overseas Market

  • Set In China

  • 10K/MTH - 25K/MTH Shanghai
  • Any education Experience: Executive Full-time
  • September 22, 2016

Job Description

Job description:

- Implement channel sales plan: Work on customer specific solutions according to customer requirements and on-site conditions, quotes, and arranges related technical documentation of equipment; commercial negotiating and contract signing with customers.
- Responsible for the back and the management of the loans; Ful fill company selling expenses policies exactly, Reach agreed budget.
- Maintain and promote sales ability: Responsible for business situation analysis of sale, regularly visit the important customer, establish, improve and maintain the customer relationship.
- Accomplish all the company evaluation indexes, convey the strategy to distributors timely and accurately.

If you are interested please send your resume to enara@setinchina.com!!

Desired Skill and Experience


- German native speaker or fully proficiency.
- 1-10 years working experience in sales or marketing related profession.
- Mechanical, electrical, mechanical and electrical integration and other related professional, bachelor.
- Strong interpersonal and communication skill, good teamwork spirit, self-motive, self-study, diligent.
- Be able to work under pressure.
- Can with stand the long-term business trip, self-control ability.

If you are interested please send your resume to enara@setinchina.com!!


Salary from 10000 to 25000 RMB

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Company Description

Set in China (SIC) is a professional organization that provides services to those seeking to work, and/or intern in China. The world_map Company provides a comprehensive service platform for its business partners and a huge selection of high quality, convenient services at affordable prices for its customers. We strive to offer our clients the best consultancy service with the most trusted quality. We are continuously extending our network of Chinese and international companies in a wide range of fields