• Event Project Manager(活动项目经理)

  • Brinc

  • 10K/MTH - 15K/MTH Guangzhou
  • Bachelor Experience: Mid-Senior Level Full-time
  • April 02, 2020

Job Description


1\Be responsible for business cooperation negotiation with company partners or related projects and activities, assist the company to achieve negotiation goals,
2\Responsible for coordinating the execution of domestic and overseas activities/projects (plan, schedule, budget, resources, etc.)
3\Responsible for the implementation management and docking service management of activities/projects; able to independently complete the progress promotion of activities/projects and solve all problems in the implementation process of activities/projects
4\Maintain close contact and good communication with partners, sponsors, and governments, and communicate details of activity planning and execution
5\Write activity copy/new media content, project report, government report, etc
6\Achieve the required output targets for each project and activity

Desired Skill and Experience

Bachelor's degree or above, with good English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills, cet-6 or above.

Have 3 years or more of experience in participating in projects or hosting events.
(Have responsible for running large/medium/small events online or offline)

Be responsible, have good anti-pressure ability, accept overtime work, have logical thinking and considerate.

Good communication skills and coordination skills and teamwork spirit.

We hope you like to communicate with everyone. Also like planning, crazy imagination, strong textual abilities, and familiarity with various social software.

6. 当遇到问题,能灵活应变和处理问题。
Flexible when dealing with problems.

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Company Description

We Help Founders Build and Launch Connected Businesses.




Brinc international venture capital incubator is the world's first accelerator platform that truly combines the west with the east and gives 100% support to the start-up team. Currently, Brinc has branches all over the world, including incubators and offices in Hong Kong, guangzhou, bahrain, Poland, Barcelona, India and tel aviv. Brinc currently operates nine acceleration programs in six countries, in the vertical areas of the Internet of things, industrial Internet of things, unmanned aerial vehicles and robotics, artificial intelligence, agricultural technology, and food technology.

Since 2014, Brinc has invested in and incubated 110 innovative companies in 32 countries and 84 countries. Our portfolio of start-ups is now valued at more than $250m.

At the same time, Brinc has helped more than 50 enterprises to connect production supply chain resources and management in the guangdong-hong kong-macao greater bay area and no less than 60 enterprises to connect with the Chinese market through its smart manufacturing services.