• Online English Show Host

  • fast school

  • 15K/MTH - 20K/MTH Beijing
  • Any education Experience: Associate Full-time
  • September 07, 2016

Job Description

(1) Full-time;
(2) Coordinate with the Editor Team and produce materials for one 15-minute or half-hour live Internet show on every weekday;
(3) Perform the live Internet show from Monday to Friday;
(4) Interact with audience during the show.

Desired Skill and Experience

(1) Must be fun, easy-going, and friendly to children;
(2) Passionate about elementary education for Chinese children;
(3) Good work ethics;
(4) Ability to handle emergency situation;
(5) Possess a native speaker level of competence;
(6) Ability to speak Chinese is preferred。

Company Description

fast school is an online education company based in Beijing China, focusing on teaching Chinese students English through a brand new way. The company was founded by Mr. Fang Gang, the former senior VP of SOHU.COM(a Nasdaq listed company). Our online school offers personalized English Channels with experienced ESL teachers as well as youtubers who are all native English speakers. fast school guarantees to offer an interesting, practical and fun learning experience while helping students to achieve fluency in English.