• Media Planner

  • Zetin Media Group

  • 4K/MTH - 8K/MTH Beijing
  • Any education Experience: Internship Internship
  • February 27, 2019

Job Description

Job Desk:
· Research about specific countryregarding project brief
· Contact Local media agency,media owner, influencer, celebgram, or celebrity and discuss the term and feeof corporation
· Provide idea and creative for ongoingcampaign
· Make a list of all types ofmedia based on country
· Report directly to mediamanager

Desired Skill and Experience

· Have had working experience orinternship experience before (no need in the same field is ok)
· Able to communicate in Englishand understand basic Chinese
· For full-time internship, weneed last semester student with no classes (at least can attend 4 days a week)
· Good working attitude andwillingness to learn.


· Young environment
· Flexible working hours (as longas working for 9 hours including lunch break)
· Get bonus every beginning ofyear for every successful project participated (only for full-time employee)

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Company Description

Zetin Group is the first media organization in China that focuses on overseas marketing for brands, an interactive advertising marketing service provider that internationalize Chinese products by both branding and performance marketing. We specialize in providing global marketing and promotion services for mobile applications, mobile games, e-commerce platforms, tourism, products, and else. Zetin has an international view and localization advantages, and is committed to helping many customers win overseas markets. With a huge set of high quality media resources all over the world and global media resource gallery, we provide strong support to advertise your brands and products. Through multi-channel promotion strategies such as social marketing, event promotion, media placement, digital and traditional ads, etc., and the three-dimensional content integration of your products, we will enhance the market position of products more accurately and effectively to meet customer demands. Zetin Group is doing business realizing our value by customized service, which is based on a global perspective and customer insights.

Team: 45 high-quality employees from all over the world.
Globalization: Offices in Hong Kong, Jakarta, New Delhi, Moscow, Los Angeles, and London.
Professional: Focus on brand promotion in the sea, expert staff, who have more than 10 years’ experience in the Internet, tourism, media advertising and other fields.
Resources: Localized high-quality resources, close cooperation with top media of more than 100 countries around the world.