• Football Mentor

  • Ray Sports

  • 15K/MTH - 25K/MTH Beijing
  • Any education Experience: Mid-Senior Level Full-time
  • January 22, 2020

Job Description

1Key responsibilities
1. Deliver coach education / training programme to PE teachers, grassroots football coaches, student teachers in line with the RS / Nike Curriculum
2. Deliver demonstration PE / Team training classes to a variety of audiences
3. Manage and deliver internal training programme to RS coaches
4. Ongoing mentoring and evaluation of RS coaching team
5. Contribute to the continuing development of the RS / Nike PE / Team training curriculum
6. Contribute to the creation and management of the RS Sports Academy
7. Contribute to the continuing development and delivery of internal and external coach education programmes
8. Contribute to the development and management of festivals, carnivals, and special events
9. Contribute to the development of RS vision for the future of Chinese sports education
10. Assist in the recruitment of delivery staff for ongoing projects (both Foreign and Local Staff)

Desired Skill and Experience

Experienced football coach / PE teacher with a passion for developing grassroots sports, and a creative, adaptable personality.
Previous experience of youth team training is essential. Previous experience playing and working for a professional football club preferable. Previous experience in coach training is a bonus.
Must have a bachelor’s degree and minimum UEFA A or equivalent


Salary: Negotiable (dependent on experience)
1. Round trip air tickets
2. Medical commercial insurance
3. Work visa
4. Holidays
5. One or two years full time work contract with two months try out
6. The cost of apartment will be paid by the mentor, the company will support to find an apartment following the mentor’s requirements and needs.

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Company Description

Ray Sports is a social enterprise which devotes itself to help adolescents to attain positive exercise experiences. It is engaged in many fields of work including content development of adolescent exercise teaching and training, the training of teachers and trainers, integrated solution of energetic school, adolescent competitions and activities, adolescent exercise international communication, adolescent exercise public charity and so on.