• English Teacher

  • Montessori Academy

  • 10K/MTH - 20K/MTH Shanghai
  • Bachelor Experience: Associate Full-time
  • August 29, 2016

Job Description

1. Working with the room leader to prepare and maintain equipment, materials and the environment as required.

2. Making children’s thinking and learning visible – portfolios and documentation, engaging in reflective practice, assessment to enrich children’s learning and creating collaborative partnerships.

3. Providing a safe and hygienic environment for children.

4. Supporting the room leader and director or manager by providing any feedback, information and issues of concern, this will contribute to the ongoing improvement of the program.

5. To work with the room leader to deliver a high quality, inclusive and educational program, and provide the children with a secure nurturing environment.

6. Liaise and co-operate with all educators regarding the needs of the children in care.

7. Maintain direct and open communication channels with other educators.

8. Assist and support students on placement at the school.

Desired Skill and Experience


1. Bachelor degree or above in relevant major or 2 year diploma in Children’s Services or equivalent from recognised training certification organization such as TEFL and TESOL as well as current first aid certificate, including resuscitation.

2. 2-5 years working experience in relevant industry.

3. Ability to obtain a Working With Children Check.

4. Children’s services certificate or equivalent or studying towards the required qualification in the required time frame (The recognition of learning hours or certificate will be by determine the company).

5. Experience within the area of additional needs is desirable.

6. An ability to implement a planned program.

7. An ability to document observations of children’s behavior and development.

8. An awareness of parenting issues in relation to children’s services.


2 weeks each for Xmas and Chinese New Year;
Additional medical insurance included ;
Air tickets reimbursement after one year contract.

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Company Description

As a subsidiary under Far East Horizon Education Group, Shanghai Montessori AcademyCo., Ltd. has always been focusing on investment and operation of high-end international kindergartens in China. It builds a wonderful platform to offer splendid beginnings for children’s lives by cooperating with renowned kindergarten chain in Australia, adopting the Montessori education system, staffing the kindergartens with quality domestic and overseas teachers, combining Chinese and western cultures together and practicing small-class boutique education. Far East Horizon Education Group is determined to promote progresses of educational, technological and cultural undertakings in China and become a promoter and key participator with profound influence for development of the industry. Established in 2001, after 15 years of efforts, Montessori Academy has already become the largest and fastest growing education brand in Australia. We now own 21 kindergartens, over 5000 enrolled children and 250 employees that distributed in 19 districts in Australia. We areaimed at Excellence in Childhood Education.