• English Editor

  • Lemanarc

  • 15K/MTH - 25K/MTH Shanghai
  • Bachelor Experience: Executive Full-time
  • November 09, 2016

Job Description


The company daily paper work filed composing and editing, especially in Architecture and design aspect.

Desired Skill and Experience

Job requirements:
1、English native speaker
2、Major in Literature, Philosophy Translation, Art Theory, Architecture, and Media.
3、Team work spirit.
4、Less than age 30 years old.
5、Priority if have English literature editing experience.


1. Provide weekend days off and five insurance and one housing fund.
2. Comfort working office environment with offer free breakfast, coffee, and fruits per day.
3. Foreign-owned enterprise work with International colleague.

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Company Description

Swiss Lemanarc architecture and urban planning and design firm (S.A. Lemanarc) is the Swiss Confederation Institute of architects and engineers registered office, also known as the Swiss architectural design company. The company of headquartered in Lausanne, which is located in Switzerland. There are offices in Zurich of Switzerland, and Shanghai of China.

Lemanarc firm in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Canada, Yugoslavia, China and Africa and other places have a large number of excellent works.

We focus on: concise and pure, cultural heritage, economical, durable and practical The design process is meticulous and rigorous, emphasizing the landscape, ecology and sustainable development. Works from the whole to the details, from the city to the door handle are all the same serious concern, has won numerous international awards. LEMAN ARCHITECTES is an important part of the global reputation of the Swiss design.