• Obstetrician and Gynecologist

  • OASIS 明德医院

  • 30K/MTH - 40K/MTH Beijing
  • Dr. Experience: Director Full-time
  • August 29, 2016

Job Description

As a medical professional, you provide excellent medical care to patients from all over the world. Provide prenatal and postnatal care and perform in deliveries. Treat diseases and injuries of female reproductive system by surgical and conservative means. Participate in marketing activities to promote hospital services. Achieve business objectives under CMO responsibilities.

Examples of duties:

Primary: deliver excellent and safe medical care to all patients at OASIS through evidence based medical practices. Emphasize service and meet patient expectations through communicating risks/benefits of procedures and treatment.
Prepares and review case histories and obtains data through interviews.
Examines patients and determines x-ray examinations and clinical laboratory tests required.
Interprets test results and evaluates examination findings.
Prescribes prenatal and postnatal care, including diets and medication.
Applies surgical procedures and coordinates gynecological and obstetrical operations with anesthesiologist. Administers and prescribes such conservative measures of treatment as antibiotics, drugs, and compresses.
Treats patients suffering from surgical shock, postoperative hemorrhages, and other complications.

As a team: work alongside physicians in all clinical departments to promote cross-department cooperation. Assist on updated and writing new guidelines and policies.
Directs nurses in procedures for preoperative and postoperative care such as administering sedatives, prescribing diets, and preparing operative area of patients.
Will agree to serve on at least one hospital/clinic committee.
Will work closely with the CMO in supporting clinic and hospital goals.

Hospital promotion: support the marketing team to promote medical services, physicians, and the hospital as a whole. Participate in promotional activities as required in various means (seminars, workshops, writing health blogs, etc.). Actively reach out to expat community.

Business objectives and OASIS management: meet objectives set by hospital management team and clinic chair. Accomplish all preparations for the JCI accreditation. Works on quality improvement activities within the department in collaboration with other OB/GYN doctors and midwives

Desired Skill and Experience

Skills and Expertise:
Doctor of medicine degree (or equivalent) from an approved school of medicine
Completion of residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at a hospital and program acceptable to the clinic Chair and Chief Medical Officer
More than 8 years experience post-residency in the clinical arena preferred.
Fluency in English Required

Chinese physicians: Chinese professional physician certificated
Foreign physicians: Temporary license for foreign physician to practice medicine
You may send your resume directly to Flora.li@oasishealth.cn


Insurance Provided
Working Visa Provided
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Shuttle Bus Provided
Annual Leave & Sick Leave

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Company Description

OASIS International Hospital is a full-service private hospital in Beijing. Our international medical team provides patient-centered care with the support of leading technology in a modern facility designed for the comfort, safety, and privacy of our guests. We believe in compassionate and personal care. The doctors and staff of OASIS are dedicated to improving quality of health and life with safe, effective health services for local and international patients in China. Located in Chaoyang District of Beijing, the OASIS facility spans 15,000 m² and includes 60 inpatient beds. All private inpatient rooms are modern and well-appointed, and include a fully-accessible ensuite bathroom. Executive guests can utilize business-class accommodation and amenities. With leading-edge technology, OASIS offers patients the most advanced and comprehensive MRI and CT scans available from a private hospital in China. It’s all part of our commitment to clinical and service excellence.