• Vice President of Engineering

  • JingJobs

  • 20K/MTH - 30K/MTH Beijing
  • Any education Experience: Director Full-time
  • November 01, 2016

Job Description

At Language Confidence, our mission is to lead the new era of AI-driven solutions for the education industry –delivering affordable and reliable products for learning spoken English. We are seeking a VP Engineering to grow and lead an elite team in pursuit of these goals
Lead –Are you a hands-on engineer with experience designing and implementing mission-critical systems scaled for rapid international growth?
Grow –Are you a confident leader who can manage talent acquisition end-to-end, growing a world-class team of engineers to execute our product visions?

Desired Skill and Experience

What we expect from you
Expertise as an engineer
•Professional problem solver with enthusiasm for learning
•Fluency in at least one compiled and one interpreted language
•Expertise with front-end, back-end and mobile development
•Familiarity with machine learning concepts (e.g. neural networks)
Excellence as a leader
•Confident bilingual communication skills (English and Mandarin)
•Ability to articulate and plan for the issues faced by rapid-growth startups
•Experience recruiting and retaining teams of world-class engineering talent
•Experience developing, managing and optimizing overall engineering and product development processes


At Language Confidence, our formula for success is simple. (1) Hire the best people. (2) Make them better. (3) Solve the problems that no one else can solve
Join a world-class team –The Language Confidence team is truly world-class. Whether it be our researchers from MIT, engineers from Google or salesmen from Stanford, you will have unparalleled opportunity to grow the breadth and depth of your network and expertise
Make a real difference –Today, over 1 billion people are trying to learn English. By 2020, this number is projected to rise to 2 billion. The demand for quality, scalable English tutoring has never been greater –and neither has the opportunity to revolutionize an entire industry

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Company Description

JingJobs is an HR consultancy firm with three main services: the JingJobs job platform, wechat official subscription + service account, and HR Butler. JingJobs targets 1) China based start ups and SMEs and 2) young multilingual jobseekers and graduates as two key target groups. Our main focus and passion on start ups and SMEs help us tailor our services specifically to their operating environment. We aim to provide fast, flexible and affordable HR solutions to start ups and SMEs looking to expand their core team. On a per role/per month basis, we can provide the equivalent of in house HR team ranging from identifying team needs, recruitment process, selection process and training process. We also place a strong emphasis on employer branding, where we can assist in boosting startup’s appeal to young graduates and jobseekers, by enhancing their LinkedIn presence, feature their company on our social media and blog, as well as hold pop up offline community events such as presentation salons, job fairs and entrepreneurship related activites. Our beta job platform serves as the main online network connecting jobseekers with available jobs from our clients. In tandem with social media such as wechat, weibo and Western social media, we are able to advertise and distribute information effectively to our target groups and gain a loyal subscriber following and brand reputation.