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  • 7K/MTH - 12K/MTH Chengdu
  • Any education Experience: Associate Part-time
  • October 25, 2016

Job Description

Job Description

1.Hours: Minimum 4 hours per week commitment during Beijing peak hours.
2.Class Materials: Using web-based educational platform.
3.Class time: 25mins for one class.

Job Responsibilities

1.Teach kids or in China aged 5-16 one on one online
2.Ensure classes are organized according to the schools' resources
3.Planning and delivering lessons to children by using language training schools’ educational platform efficiently and effectively online
4.Interact in a friendly and patient manner with students
5.Utilizing creative, interactive activities to engage and help them to understand
6.Evaluating student progress and providing ongoing guidance for improvement to student
7.Provide a timely corrective feedback to students
8.Attend online training and development

Desired Skill and Experience

Personal Qualifications:

1.You are native speaker of English from US/UK/CAN/AUS
2.You have good computer literacy and stable internet connection
3.You are passionate about teaching online and have a Chinese cultural awareness
4.You have the online teaching set: a laptop, cabled internet and a noise cancelation headset
5.Experience in teaching kids or experience in online teaching will be a plus
6.If you are certified with TKT, TEFL, TESOL or other teaching certificate in related area, we will prioritize your application


The Benefits for Online English Teaching

1.Flexible working hours.
2.Fixed labor contract (6 months) to ensure teachers stable income each month.
3.Attractive payment. Teachers receive a base pay of US$ 15-$20/hour.
4.Getting a raise while renewing your contract. (If you pass the performance evaluation)
5.Having opportunity to join a rising rapidly company

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