• English.Reading Teacher

  • Intelligence Education

  • 12K/MTH - 16K/MTH Others
  • Any education Experience: Associate Full-time
  • October 17, 2016

Job Description

1. English teaching, including teaching English reading, writing, listening and speaking teaching.
2. English class material design, preparation and teaching.
3. New SAT and ACT and other national internationalstudents standard examination touring.
4. Accent Reduction training.
5. Students' high school and College application consultant and essay edit.
6. Any related tasks of English Reading Club related job.
7. Any related tasks for teachingOther English as second language not described aboverelated job.

Desired Skill and Experience

1. Native English Speaker
2. Bachelor degree in english or education major.
3. Teaching experience about ELS or Englishing reading and writing.
4. Good in communication, open mind.

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Company Description

Our company provide full service for US college application and English tutoring.