• Customer Service Internship

  • LINK Group

  • 2K/MTH - 3K/MTH Shanghai
  • Bachelor Experience: Internship Internship
  • October 13, 2016

Job Description

You will learn how to handle difficult situations with customers and how to achieve customer satisfaction. You will be actively involved in improving customer service projects. You will also gain an insight into real estate market in Shanghai.
 Professionally handle incoming requests from customers and ensure that issues are resolved both promptly and thoroughly. Thoroughly and efficiently gather customer information, access and fulfill customer needs,
 Provide quality service and support in a variety of areas including, but not limited to: billing, placing print orders, and system troubleshooting.
 Troubleshoot customer issues over the phone.
 Maintain a balance between company policy and customer benefit in decision making.
 Handle issues in the best interest of both customer and company.
 Continuously evaluate and identify opportunities to drive process improvements that positively impact the customer’s experience.

Desired Skill and Experience

 Highly developed sense of integrity and commitment to customer satisfaction.
 Demonstrated passion for excellence with respect to treating and caring for customers.
 Ability to communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing.
 Has a pleasant, patient and friendly attitude.
 Strong decision making and analytical abilities.
 Strong detail orientation and communication/listening skills.
 Willingness to work a flexible schedule and occasional overtime when needed.
 Possess a strong work ethic and team player mentality.


 Accommodation discount and visa assistance if needed
 Potential future career opportunities
 Professional and personal connections that will last a lifetime
 Insight into different Chinese markets

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Company Description

LINK Group is a real estate development company based out of Shanghai, China. We acquire and renovate residential apartments, office buildings, warehouses, and hostels in the greater Shanghai area. The company is divided into two departments; the investment side, who engages in collecting capital from cross border investment; and the developer side, who is responsible for design, renovation and maintenance. Together, our diversified team of over 100 young professionals from every corner of the world is constantly seeking top talented individuals to improve our company.