• Engineering Trainee

  • CPECC Dalian Branch

  • 3K/MTH - 5K/MTH Dalian
  • Bachelor Experience: Internship Internship
  • November 10, 2016

Job Description

Work Responsibilities:
Major related work(75%):
Learn about the design principles, considerations and softwares. Help to do international petro engineer related files search and training for Chinese engineers.

Cultural Assistance(25%):
To help to improve the cross-cultural understanding of company Chinese staff and also organize team-building activities in each Friday or some special days.

Desired Skill and Experience

Requirement of the candidate:
Language: English native speaker require
Education: University or College study

Major: Chemical engineering and craft, Oil and gas storage and transportation, Civil engineering, Process equipment and control, Electrical engineering and automation, Automation, Water supply and drainage engineering, Environment engineering, Marketing, Human Resources.

Willing to communicate.
Motivated and proactive.


Free accommodation.
Free meals or hourly pay.

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Company Description

Dalian Design Branch of China Petroleum Engineering Construction Corporation (CPECC) was founded in 1962 and it was reorganized in 2009 as CPECCDL, which is professionally engaged in petrochemical engineering consultation, engineering design and general contracting.
CPECC is engaged in the project management within the range of design qualification. These projects are mainly about engineering consulting, engineering design and general contracting business in the area of oil refining equipment, storage and transportation systems, water treatment facilities, public works, and auxiliary facilities of large and medium-sized refineries and petrochemical plants. The company is committed to pursuit of the belief of “elite designers, prominent features, scientific management, and efficient development”. In accordance with the standards and customer requirements, the company can provide the customer with the engineering and technical services covering petrochemical preliminary engineering consultation, design, procurement, construction and project general contracting, etc.
Currently, the company has 426 employees, including 368 various technical staff, 82 senior Engineers, 180 Engineers, 80 Assistant Engineers. seven Cost Engineers, one Certified Architect (Class II), ten Certified Structural Engineers (Class I), six Certified Counselors, ten Certified Chemical Engineers, four Certified Electrical Engineers, fourteen IPMP, two PMP, six junior and senior General Contracting Project Managers and One senior Human Resources Manager.
As it developed, CPECC has accumulated many engineering achievements, which include more than 300 engineering design projects of petrochemical industry devices, storage and transportation, public works and water treatment plants, and the auxiliary facilities, more than twenty provincial and ministerial awards, four patents and six proprietary technologies.
The company has complete technical equipment and advanced information systems. The network and remote video systems covering local and remote areas were built, which are widely used in the field of engineering design and project management. Collaborative project management, OA electronic document transmission and network monitoring optimization are implemented based on the advanced information systems. The company also has many advanced publishing equipment, including a large format inkjet plotter, a large drawings copier, a color offset press and a laser phototypesetting system.
Under a unified plan of the company, CPECC focuses on the cultivation and promotion of core technology in production and operation,and always adheres to the business belief of "consumers supreme" to achieve world-class engineering design and project management level. In the same time the company tries to be integrated into society and become the friendly driving force of social development and progress.