• English Play Ranger (Work Location: Wuxi)

  • Kerry Kidz

  • 12000K/MTH - 20000K/MTH Others
  • Bachelor Experience: Associate Full-time
  • September 22, 2017

Job Description

Our program focuses on learning English through play, targeting kids age from 2 to 7. We are looking for an enthusiastic English Play Ranger to help our students learn English in a fun and engaging way.

- Prepare and deliver instructional activities, including but not limited to storytelling, leading games, dance, songs, and simple drama
- Create positive classroom culture and educational climate for students to learn in
- Instill confidence, encourage creative freedom while learning English
- Work closely with program coordinator to communicate students’ progress to parents
- Work and meet with program coordinators and other teachers to ensure program’s goals are being met
- Attend training as required
- Other tasks assigned by the supervisor

Work Location: Wuxi, China

Desired Skill and Experience

- Native English speaker or fluent English Speaker
- Prior working experiences with young children
- Enjoy playing with kids
- Comfortable in leading creative, dynamic activities (such as art, drama, dance, songs)
- Patience, flexible, fun and creative; able to work in teams
- Bachelor’s degree

Company Description

ZipPiTeeDoo’s 昕星园 is a project developed by Kerry Kidz, a member of the Kerry Group. The idea came about in 2011, and has since attracted a wide range of enthusiastic people from all over the world who have contributed to the project’s development. Our current team is made up of experienced professionals who are young-at-heart and love to play.

At ZipPiTeeDoo’s 昕星园, we understand children. We understand play is a form of learning and self-discovery. Through play, children are exploring, making friends, discovering their abilities and testing their limits.
Our playground is purposefully designed to address these needs by stimulating the different aspects of a child’s growth.

We believe children deserve a safe and fun environment where friendships begin and efforts are celebrated.

We encourage parents and children to make time for play and laughter – more than just in between car rides and during tutoring classes. We want to bring back care-free days filled with giggles and escapades, discovering secret paths as we follow our curiosity, making toys and sharing ideas, grabbing a best friend’s hand and exploring the colorful road ahead.
We are bringing back the important lessons: Share everything. Play fair. Hold hands and stick together. Don’t give up. Be nice to others. We give children the opportunity to develop important life skills to have fun, to play together, and to build character.

If a child is like a little seed, play is like the water, the sunshine and the rich earth that nourishes them into a fully-grown tree and a well-rounded person. Play is not a waste of time. It’s more than fun. Play has a purpose, nourishing the potential inside all of us. Come play with us at ZipPiTeeDoo's XinXingYuan!