• Junior IT Consultant at Ventum

  • JingJobs

  • 10K/MTH - 20K/MTH Beijing
  • Bachelor Experience: Entry Level Full-time
  • September 22, 2017

Job Description

Focus Sectors:
Automotive, banking & insurance and telecommunication

-Technical and business consulting of our customers in IT related matters
-Support for implementation of demanding projects focusing various technologies
-Proactive support of developing demanding technical solutions
-Project- and program management
-Proactive participation in technical specialties such as information management, BI or data warehousing
-Transformation of business requirements into technical concepts
-Optimization of processes of business and IT

Desired Skill and Experience

-College degree in computer science, economics, engineering or comparable, MINT preferred
-Semesters abroad preferred

-Knowledge of consulting industry
-Special interest in technical fields, willing to learn new things
-Interest in optimizing processes in business and IT
-Interest in information management, BI, data warehousing or other related matters
-Programming skills, data handling skills and the ability to transform business requirements into technical concepts

Required knowledge
Technical skills (must have (m) / should (s) / could (c)):
•MS Office (m)
•MS Visio (s)
•MS Project, Jira, further PM Tools (c)
•Experience with operating systems S (MS Windows/ Linux) – (s)
•Experience with data basis such as
oOracle (s)
oMS SQL Server (c)
oMySQL – (c)
•Ability to solve demanding logical tasks:
oSQL (s)
oScripting: e.g. Perl, VBA, etc. (c)
•Programming skills
oJava (s) and latest Java Frameworks (s)
oMS .Net (s)
oWeb technologies- and languages (s)
•Understanding of different IT architectures

Soft skills
-Excellent communication skills in speaking and writing (Chinese, English – German is an advantage)
-Professional appearance, entrepreneurial behaviour, outstanding willingness
-Keen perception of complex situations
-Carries potential for team leader/project manager
-High social competence especially in intercultural contexts
-Understanding and sense for customer pain
-High degree in self-motivation, team player, sense of responsibility, high social competence
-Presentation skills

Entry Level Junior Consultant
Salary See salary grid (130.000-250.000 RMB)
Location Beijing

Current Demand
Key success factor Junior IT consultants understand to map customer requirements with learned but transformed technical knowledge. They also are motivated in becoming experts in their defined technical areas but also are interested in gaining social sensitivity.

If interested, please send your CV to samantha@jingjobs.com and state clearly in your application the position title you are applying to.
Full Details here: http://jingjobs.com/job/view/Y2VsaW5lQGppbmdqb2JzLmNvbQ==/AV6T36e68QtRs40J-v33

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Company Description

JingJobs is an HR consultancy firm with three main services: the JingJobs job platform, wechat official subscription + service account, and HR Butler. JingJobs targets 1) China based start ups and SMEs and 2) young multilingual jobseekers and graduates as two key target groups. Our main focus and passion on start ups and SMEs help us tailor our services specifically to their operating environment. We aim to provide fast, flexible and affordable HR solutions to start ups and SMEs looking to expand their core team. On a per role/per month basis, we can provide the equivalent of in house HR team ranging from identifying team needs, recruitment process, selection process and training process. We also place a strong emphasis on employer branding, where we can assist in boosting startup’s appeal to young graduates and jobseekers, by enhancing their LinkedIn presence, feature their company on our social media and blog, as well as hold pop up offline community events such as presentation salons, job fairs and entrepreneurship related activites. Our beta job platform serves as the main online network connecting jobseekers with available jobs from our clients. In tandem with social media such as wechat, weibo and Western social media, we are able to advertise and distribute information effectively to our target groups and gain a loyal subscriber following and brand reputation.