• ESL/ Subject teachers WANTED

  • Suzhou Boren

  • 11K/MTH - 30K/MTH Others
  • Any education Experience: Entry Level Full-time
  • March 16, 2017

Job Description

English Teacher for Young Learners, Home-room Teacher, IB English Teacher

Primary School (Grade1-6)
ESL Teacher, Home-room Teacher, Dance Teacher, P.E. Teacher, Art Teacher, Science Teacher, IB Teacher, IB Subject Teacher

Middle School (Grade7-9)
Oral English Teacher, Music Teacher, P.E. Teacher, Art Teacher, Science Teacher, IB Subject Teacher

High School (Grade10-12)
Language Courses: Oral English, General English, Pre AP English, TOEFL Prep, IELTS Prep, SAT Prep, College & Academic Writing.
Subject, IB Subjects and AP (Honor)/A-Level Courses: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, World History, European History, Business, Accounting, Environmental Science, Psychology, Computer Science, Human Geography, Art History.

We are looking for teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching and obtaining solid professional knowledge, who can develop a strong rapport with the students and are team players.

Desired Skill and Experience

Minimum of Bachelor Degree in English or Education (Teaching License preferred), or a subject relevant to academic vacancies with at least two years of full-time teaching experience (with language teaching certificate preferred).
Native or Near-Native levels of proficiency in English.

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Company Description

Suzhou Boren was established in 2015 to help teachers find reputable schools in China. Suzhou Boren has explored its business all over China, having partners in most of the major cities of China within one year. Suzhou Boren places hundreds of teachers each year resulting in a diverse network of passionate education professionals. Suzhou Boren’s partners include a wide range of educational institutions including kindergartens; elementary, middle, and high schools; international schools; public schools; adult learning centers, etc. Suzhou Boren’s missions are to maintain strong relationships with teachers, to help foreign teachers understand the culture differences, to assist foreign teachers in their international teaching career. Suzhou Boren can help you start your adventure teaching abroad off on the right foot.