• Foreign teacher for Kindergarten in Taian Shandong

  • Arden Kindergarten

  • 5K/MTH - 10K/MTH Others
  • Any education Experience: Entry Level Full-time
  • October 11, 2016

Job Description

1、To teach early education course, to ensure the quality of instruction;
2、To take apart in Marketing activities;
3、To help parents to solve problem in teaching children.

Desired Skill and Experience

1、English speaker, 18-35 years old;
2、You should love the children, passion and patient ;
3、You should have the ability to communicate with others, and understand teamwork;
4、Have strong affinity, lively and cheerful, and have good healthy;
5、With relevant working experience in the education of children.


1、to work on workday with two-day weekend and Chinese statutory holiday;
2、Treatment of Interviews.

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Company Description

Zhong-Gao Arden is attached to Beijing Zhong-Gao Group. Started with the real-estate development projects, Beijing Zhong-Gao has gradually become a cross-rational and cross-industry large private enterprise. The business is now covering various field majorly including real-estate development and operations, investment and construction of municipal infrastructure, cultural and tourism real-estate, electrical and engineering constructions, manufacturing of Opto-thermal and solar energy complete equipment, film investment, production and release, planning and execution of performance, highly-qualified national chain of bilingual early childhood education, and so on. It is widely recognized by market that Arden has its good performance, enterprise vitality and the potential of profit development.