• Senior Video Editor

  • Insta360

  • 12K/MTH - 24K/MTH Shenzhen
  • Bachelor Experience: Associate Full-time
  • January 21, 2020

Job Description

1. Responsible for brand and product promotional videos, creative short films, functional teaching videos, OGC VR video main clips;
2. Responsible for the overall design of the video pre-writing copy, planning post-production and packaging programs; work with special effects packaging division to complete the video packaging process;
3. Responsible for the follow-up post-production process, the entire video theme, lens convergence, rhythm, music, and other aspects of checks to ensure that the overall style and packaging effect;
4. Responsible for the construction of the latter part of the team and the late process and technology to share teaching; develop a sound material management methods and conversion and classification management mechanism, the material and into a film for storage management;

Desired Skill and Experience

1. With 3 years and above advertising / film production experience, a mature work; design, aesthetics, creativity are unique insights, 4A advertising creative implementation experience is preferred.
2. Bachelor degree or above, director director, film photography, animation design, advertising media related professional, the system of visual and creative aspects of training.
3. You will work with the international team, and production, director, photography and other video team collaboration to shoot first-class works, and to ensure that the video early shooting efficient and post-effect.
4. You may face the challenges of independent creation, including communication planning, writing scripts, scripting for the script, finishing material and editing, in the final join special effects synthesis.
5. You need to be able to understand the brand positioning in depth, to ensure that key stakeholders, including creative team, shooting team, and customers can get to the brand and product essence.
6. Have creative communication skills, good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, good at working with others, with a strong sense of team.
7. You work efficiently, never procrastinate, with strong execution, which makes you in any team are the leader.

Please upload your 1080p video works to Viemo platform and attach the link in the cover letter(more than 5 video works are preferred).

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Company Description

The world leader in 360-degree cameras, Insta360 is redefining the way we capture and share our lives. Lightweight and versatile, Insta360 cameras are great for adventure sports, travel, journalism, live events, and for sharing experiences everywhere. For more details, please visit www.insta360.com