• TVC Director

  • Insta360

  • 15K/MTH - 30K/MTH Shenzhen
  • Bachelor Experience: Associate Full-time
  • January 21, 2020

Job Description

1. responsible for the company's core content production team building and daily work;
2. in accordance with the company operating requirements, responsible for the development of video production plan;
3. lead the team to complete the video production, including planning, screenwriter, shooting, later, etc.

Desired Skill and Experience

1. We need a master responsible for the work of the film studio. You need to have at least three years relevant work experience and at least 10 mature works;
2. We prefer someone have a film and television studio team that can join us;
3. Familiar with all kinds of video production of all the process, such as planning, shooting, editing, special effects, etc.;
4. You may be directed some large scenes, so you need to have on-site scheduling and command capabilities;
5. You need to think about the future direction of the development of film and television understand the audience and the user expectations towards the work, so you can guide the direction of the work better;
6. You need to have a wealth of artistic expression techniques to complete different types of high quality works, including but not limited to the basic tutorial work, emotional work, entertainment work, etc.
7. Have a good sense of color, composition, imagination and visual expression. Can master the rhythm of the whole film, music, color, etc .;
8. Use Word, Excel, Powerpoint and other office software proficiently, operate Premiere, After Effects or Final Cut, Flime, SHAKE and other post-editing software and use PS, CorelDraw and other graphic design software proficiently.

Please upload your 1080p video works to Viemo platform and attach the link in the cover letter(more than 5 video works are preferred).

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Company Description

The world leader in 360-degree cameras, Insta360 is redefining the way we capture and share our lives. Lightweight and versatile, Insta360 cameras are great for adventure sports, travel, journalism, live events, and for sharing experiences everywhere. For more details, please visit www.insta360.com