About JobLeadChina

JobLeadChina 是一家专业的外籍人才招聘平台。企业能快速通过平台,发布、更新招聘信息,与求职者直接沟通。同时,平台上所有发布职位企业均是通过认证企业,大大提高外籍人才就业安全性。





A Set of Job Solution for Enterprises and Foreign Talents

JobLeadChina is a recruitment platform in connecting job opportunities in China with foreign talents. Through JobLeadChina, enterprises can post jobs, evaluate resumes, communicate with candidates directly. All things become easy.

As a proffesional recuriment service provider, all the enterprises in our platform are verified, so foreigners can feel free to apply job you wanted.

Head Hunter Service

Together, we can make better

In order to help enterprise find middle and senior manager(foreign talents) more efficicently and make smarter decision, We've designed an integrated solution, tailor made for your company to search the most suitable candidate who can meet all your job requirements.

We work with you throughout the process to define the talents, skills, knowledge and abilities of top performers and manage the process for you from start to finish.

TEL: 0755-61597364 Email: service@jobleadchina.com

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